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Based out of Chicago, IL, Cinema Romantico is the work of one man, Nick Prigge, a man who sometimes prefers to refer to himself in the third person.

Upon seeing Last of the Mohicans one fateful summer night many years ago he realized he yearned for movies that, above all else, moved him and, thus, set forth on an eternal cinematic crusade for, in the words of Werner Herzog, The Ecstatic Truth. The great film editor Dede Allen once called herself a "gut editor - intellect and taste count, but I cut with my feelings." Borrowing her phrase and tweaking it, he likes to think of himself as a gut film reviewer - intellect and taste count, but he reviews with his feelings.

He strongly believes cinema to be our most powerful, beautiful and important art form. He is also melodramatic and prone to fits of hyperbole (see: previous sentence).

A member of the Online Film Critics Society, he reviews new movies, older new movies and classic films on this blog. He offers various forms of rantings & ravings and blog-form essays & dissertations and sundries about any items film-related that may catch his notably peculiar fancy. He also reviews new theatrical releases for Slant Magazine and writes for PopMatters.

He is a lover of scotch, a drinker of coffee, a devotee of Nebraska Football (despite having been born & raised in Iowa), a disciple of Bruce Springsteen, an apostle of Lady Gaga, and a strong proponent of Parisian café culture.

You may follow him on Twitter @NickPrigge where he does his best to condense his idiotic musings to the allowable 140 characters. You may contact him at nickprigge515@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog. You have an excellent writing style and I am genuinely surprised that your not a well-paid professional critic. I had a slow day at work and reading your reviews helped me get through it. I especially like your Friday's Old Fashion. Great variety of articles and reviews!

I also like the image used for your blog banner. It is subtle, but still powerful. Is that an image from a movie, or is that a personal pic?

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you! Very kind words! I'm genuinely glad you enjoyed the reviews.

The image on the banner is from "Lost in Translation", one of my favorites. And I feel like that image does a pretty good job underscoring the title of my blog - it captures a certain wistful romanticism.

Unknown said...

Your reviews put most movie critics to shame. I could never hope to write as well as you do! All one can do is be themselves :)

Nick Prigge said...

Thanks, man. Really kind words. I appreciate it. Thanks for reading! Truly!

Anonymous said...

You are probably much too young to remember this, but today my Gopher football team got its much deserved revenge from an 84 to 13 beating back in '83 at the hand of your Cornhuskers. To be honest I don't think the Huskers should have moved to the Big 10 conference. I don't think they will ever be able to dominate in the Big 10 like they did in the Big 12.

Nick Prigge said...

Ha! Yeah, I didn't enter my Cornhusker fandom until 1986 so I never saw that infamous game. I've certainly heard and read about it in the years since. And is why, if I'm being honest with myself, games like yesterday are Nebraska's just desserts.

Plus, Minnesota deserved it. They outplayed us and they and their coach have been through a lot this year. Good for them.

Unknown said...

May I suggest you consider reviewing _Ashby_ ? It wasn't reviewed favorably and I love it as much as Elizabethtown.Please.