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Thursday, February 02, 2006


At lunch this afternoon my Thursday edition of the Chicago Sun Times notified me the producers of the new James Bond film are making a serious consideration of casting the supremely talented Rachel McAdams as one of their Bond girls. My response is this..........

Don't do it, Rachel.

I'm not bashing other actresses who have portrayed Bond girls when I say that. Halle Berry was a Bond girl and she also owns an Oscar. But you have to be at a certain point before assuming the role of a Bond girl. You do it too early and you run a solid risk of being typecast. You've got too much ability, Rachel, to allow yourself to plunge into the pit of typecasting. Ignore this blockbuster, I say, and devote yourself to a few complex roles in some independent movies. Prove to Hollywood you won't play by their archaic rules. Show off the serious acting chops I know you possess. Then - and only then - should you go off and do a Bond movie.

And if you choose to ignore my advice (which is fine), at least allow me to make this plea - before you say yes to the role, look in the mirror and ask yourself, "What Would Kate Winslet Do?"

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