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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mohicanland Dissertation

I have received several inquiries regarding my road trip to the filming sites of "Last of the Mohicans", cinema's greatest triumph. It was a magical, wonderful, ludicrously awesome time, I assure you.

There were monumental highs, such as actually being in the exact place where Alice Munro merged with the infinite.

There were a couple of lows, such as being unable to walk alongside the Little River where Hawkeye advised Duncan he was not a "scout" nor a member of the "damn militia."

There was inclement weather, such as the apparent tropical storm which descended upon the entire state of Virginia as I drove through it.

There were random encounters with unique people, such as the shirtless man buying a 12-pack of beer with change in front of me at a Kentucky gas station.

But that in no way accurately describes my pilgrimmage to Mohicanland. And, yes, I do intend to go far more in-depth.

But it will not be on this blog. It will be via a road trip diary authored primarily on location in North Carolina entitled "One Man's Journey to Mohicanland."

Coming to a mailbox near you this Christmas...................

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