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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Initial Oscar Nomination Reaction

- Nominees for Best Picture are as follows: "Babel", "The Departed", "Letters From Iwo Jima", "The Queen", and "Little Miss Sunshine". I've seen them all except "The Queen", and despite what I wrote on this very blog a couple weeks ago I will see it within the next month. And I'll do my best to watch it with a fair eye.

- No Best Picture Nomination for "Dreamgirls"! YAY! I really had no desire to see this movie. I mean, no desire. None whatsoever. And now I don't have to! Woo hoo! (Of course, this lends more possibility to "Babel" winning and Lord help us if that happens.)

- I was disappointed "United 93" didn't at least garner a Best Picture nod but director Paul Greengrass was nominated so that's something at least.

- As I watched "Little Miss Sunshine" back in August I certainly did not think I was viewing a nominee for Best Picture. That being said, it is a good little movie. And it's extremely wonderful to see a film from Sundance get to sit at the adult table.

- It was also a little sad not to see Sacha Baron Cohen get a Best Actor nod for "Borat". There was no way in the world he would have won but a nomination would have been the equivalent of winning.

- Jack Nicholson did not get nominated in the Supporting Actor category for "The Departed" but Mark Wahlberg did for the same movie. That's the correct decision.

- I'm pulling hard for Todd Field and Tom Perotta to win the Best Adapted Screenplay for "Little Children". But I have a sneaking suspicion that "Borat" will win this even though it shouldn't. I liked "Borat" but come on, the whole thing is improvised. It's an outline, not a screenplay.

- Cinema Romantico's "sources" have indicated Helen Mirren is currently being listed as a 2-1 favorite to win Best Actress while Kate Winslet has been established as an 83-1 favorite. But then everyone thought Ohio State was going to lay down the royal smack against Florida, too.

- Cinema Romantico's "sources" also have indicated Martin Scorsese has gone off at a 4-1 favorite to win Best Director. The odds are also 12-1 that a mob will burn down the building should he not emerge victorious. (For the love of God, Academy, just give it to him.)

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