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Friday, January 05, 2007

Why I Haven't Seen The Queen

“The Queen" is the exceedingly well-reviewed film regarding the events directly after Princess Diana’s tragic death. It stars Helen Mirren in the title role and she is supposedly spectacular. It also seems she is a lock to take home the Oscar for best actress.

This is why I refuse to watch it.

Kate Winslet is my favorite actress and, damn it, this was supposed to be Kate Winslet’s year. I was so sure “Little Children” was going to do it for her. And, sure enough, she’s garnering Oscar buzz – but it’s merely NOMINATION buzz. And this is all thanks to Ms. Mirren.

I have no doubt Ms. Mirren is fantastic in her role. I have no doubt she is worthy of an Oscar. But, quite frankly, I don't care. I’m being selfish, yes. And petty. And ridiculous. I mean, it's probably safe to assume that Ms. Winslet herself does not care a wit whether or not she wins but that's well beside the point.

For instance, I still harbor resentment for former Ohio State running back Eddie George. Why? In 1995 he stole the Heisman Trophy from its rightful owner, Nebraska quarterback Tommie Frazier. As far as I know, George is an exemplary human being. And as far as I know, Frazier could really care less who took home the Heisman that year. But, as I said before, that's well beside the point. Someone must carry the torch of these grudges. And that person, apparently, is me.

Look, I know all of this is sad. That’s why it’s a full confession. I’m coming completely clean here. I want to watch “The Queen” – I truly do – but I can’t for the sheer fact that I will not be an objective observer. I already have a personal bias going in and I simply can’t change it.

Maybe after all is said and done – after Mirren has won her golden statue on Oscar night and Winslet has gone home empty-handed – I will be able to watch "The Queen" with a fair eye. But until then............piss off, Mirren.

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