' ' Cinema Romantico: Breach

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Recently I came to the realization that my postings in relation to cinema have been sparse the last couple months. It's not that I haven't been seeing movies, because I have, but the movies in the early part of the year are always so uninspiring. I don't really want to write about the films I see unless they inspire me to write about them (whether good or bad).

But last night as I set out on an early evening run I decided that I would write a blog entry in my head (I like to write in my head as I run) for "Breach", which I saw several weeks ago. Therefore here is a summation of my train of thought as I attempted to compose an entry during my run last night:

"Breach"? Hmmmm......what to say? Did I like it? Would other people like it? It depends, I guess. Would those people enjoy a scene in which the Hero goes into the Bad Guy's office to look for, I don't know, something. Except the Bad Guy comes back and so the Hero has to run into the other room and act like he wasn't in the Bad Guy's office even though the Bad Guy is able to deduce through, I don't know, the air density level that the Hero was just in his office?

I mean, did that happen in real life? I'd really like to know. And if this guy can ascertain air density levels that quickly shouldn't he have been also been able to ascertain this new employee wasn't on the "up and up"?

But even so, as the Bad Guy Chris Cooper is really good. He's always good, though. As the hero Ryan Phillipe was actually pretty decent, too.

I wonder why Ryan Phillipe cheated on Reese Witherspoon. At least, I think he cheated on her. That's what US Weekly said, right? I certainly wouldn't cheat on Reese Witherspoon.
She's such a good actress. I still contend she acted circles around Jennifer Aniston on the one episode of "Friends". I wonder what she's doing next?

Uh oh. There's an attractive girl running in my direction. I better speed up so it appears I'm running faster than I actually am.

Okay.........where was I? What was I thinking about? Uh..........

Yup. That's pretty much "Breach". It's out of your head as soon as you're done watching it. So if you're in the mood for seeing exactly what you expect, it'll be worth your time. Otherwise, I would recommend renting "Lone Star". Chris Cooper is good in that, too, and it's a better movie.


Rory Larry said...

I heard an interview with the actual FBI guy who Ryan Phillipe's character was based on, in fact something very similar to the scene you described did happen.

Anonymous said...

This movie relied too much on artificial suspense to create drama. It was poorly written, and the delivery is mediocre. Four and a half stars.