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Monday, April 02, 2007

And Then There Were Two

Awhile back on this very blog I wrote that the brilliant-beyond-comprehension Lucinda Williams had re-taken the throne she had held for many, many moons from the also brilliant-beyond-comprehension Neko Case. That throne? My Female Bruce Springsteen (which is an important thing in my melodramatic life). Lucinda's new album "West" had sealed the deal, you see. Well............

On Friday I was fortunate enough to attend my third Neko Case show. But not only did I see her for the third time, I saw her from less than five feet away (God, I love this city). My fellow concert-goer Dave and I were truly, honestly closer to her than anyone else in the building. He has the cellphone pictures to prove it. I have the setlist (which Dave kindly snagged for me) that her eyes graced during the whole show to re-prove it.

We were close enough (and perhaps she wouldn't want me revealing this but, then again, I don't think she'd mind at all) to see she had not shaved her legs any time recently.

As I rode the train to work on Friday morning I listened to Neko's "Hex" (which feels - literally feels - just like an open-skied night on a lonely highway) twice to ready myself for another horrid day I hoped and prayed she would play it that night. And when she played it during the encore (!) the following thought danced through my head - hey, I'm an adult.

I AM an adult. If I want to have cookie dough ice cream for breakfast, I can. If I want to drink my lunch, I can. If I want to come home and dance around by myself in my room to Kylie Minogue's "Love At First Sight", I can. And if I want to have two Female Bruce Springsteens, I can.

And now I do. I decided it was so during my post-show pint of Harp. My internal debate is closed. They're both unspeakably awesome. They can both write better than I can even write in my dreams. They possess the two most beautiful voices in music.

Therefore all hail Neko & Lucinda, or Lucinda & Neko. My Female Bruce Springsteens.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose Springsteen is about as good as Neko Case, but he is not even close to being the male Lucinda Williams.