' ' Cinema Romantico: I've Seen It. Now I Believe It.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've Seen It. Now I Believe It.

And you can believe it, too.


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Anonymous said...

From the desk of Joel:

"POC:AWE was (everything I hoped it could be)/(more than I imagined it could be). The action was (brilliant)/(riveting)/(make up word for this), Johnny Depp was (brilliant)/(hilarious)/(breath-taking)/(D: all of above). The ending was (surprising)/(satisfying)/(Siegel-like... must continue trying to make this a word), the (cinematorgraphy)/(music) was stellar, and the fight chorarography(sp?) was (epic)/(a non-stop thrill ride)/(Siegel-like).

This was the greatest movie I have ever scene.

(For release after viewing).