' ' Cinema Romantico: And The Countdown Goes On

Thursday, May 17, 2007

And The Countdown Goes On

T-Minus 33 hours.

I thought that today, as my anticipation continues to heighten, it would be an excellent idea to maintain the musical theme of the week and revisit my Top 5 Favorite Musician Movie Appearances. And, as always, feel free to list those I missed.

1. Bruce Springsteen, "High Fidelity". Do I ever consult a vision of Mr. Springsteen in my head regarding the pertinent problems of my life, a la John Cusack's character in said film? Well, I'm not saying that I do. But I'm certainly not saying that I don't.

2. Kylie Minogue, "Moulin Rouge". This one goes without saying.

3. Willie Nelson, "Wag the Dog". Willie portrays a songwriter enlisted to compose an anthem for the fake war. He finishes his anthem only to find out that anthem is no good and he'll have to create another one. His reply to this development? "I was just on my way to get drunk." Classic.

4. Jonathan Richman, "There's Something About Mary". Perhaps the most brilliant and least-mentioned part of this hilarious movie is folk-rock troubadour Richman functioning as a modern-day greek chorus, turning up every now and then to comment on the action with his guitar and marvelously inane lyrics ("they've tried to set him up with Tiffany and Indigo - but there's something about Mary that they don't know"). If only there were more greek choruses.

5. Billy Idol, "The Wedding Singer". I like to think that if I was on a plane flight in pursuit of my true love that Billy Idol would be willing to assist in my quest, too.


Wretched Genius said...

Tom Jones, "Mars Attacks!"

Alice Cooper, "Wayne's World"

Rory Larry said...

Tom Petty, "The Postman" (in fact the only mildly entertaining part of the whole Costner Fiasco..."No man, you're famous"

Anonymous said...

"Weird Al" Yankovic in "The Naked Gun"

The Digital Underground in "Nothing But Trouble."

Now, if you'll excuse me, the Nerd Bus is waiting outside.