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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Insipid Backlash

So apparently there's some kind of uproar now in regards to the topic of abortion being, sort of, brushed over in the movie "Knocked Up". For anyone who has not seen it, a woman is forced to deal with an unplanned pregnancy and she chooses to keep the child. It is also, for anyone who has not seen it, a comedy which has a screenplay that requires the baby to be kept in order for it to work. It is also, as I stated, a movie.

I wish desperately that these morons would just go the hell away. It's the same as the anti-euthanasia crowd popping off in the wake of "Million Dollar Baby". Let the moviemakers make movies and take your protests and outcries somewhere else.


Rory Larry said...

I was actually wondering if that would happen when I saw the movie. In fairness with Million Dollar Baby, Paul Haggis does like controversy (read:Crash) so he may have slipped it in as a public statment.

yes it is a movie but it is also art and artists do make statements in their films which comment on the state of society. So I don't mind this kind of uproar, unless it makes movie makers or distributors nervous then I get mad.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, the short story upon which "Million Dollar Baby" was based contained the ending featured in the movie. In fact, on his deathbed the story's author (F.X. Toole) made Haggis promise not to change the ending. Thank God.

I just get sick and tired of "activists" projecting their own beliefs onto a film and not taking into account what the characters in the movie would do. That's just beyond most of them.