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Friday, July 27, 2007

Clearing the Air

It has come to Cinema Romantico's attention that director Michael Bay recently took offense to a review of his most recent movie "Transformers" which was authored by the Northwest Herald's Jeffrey Westhoff. Mr. Bay was so angered, in fact, that he sent a letter to the Northwest Herald's editor advising that Westhoff was "woefully out of touch with pop culture" and that Westhoff's terming him an "egomaniacal hack" was inaccurate since Mr. Bay is actually a self-described "pretty down-to-earth, nice guy".

Immediately Cinema Romantico feared that if Mr. Bay were ever to stumble upon our humble little blog that he may take offense to some of the things we've written about him and find the need to send a letter to OUR editor. This is why Cinema Romantico would like to take the time today to state for the record that we have NEVER referred to Michael Bay as an egomaniacal hack. Not once. It's never happpened.

Is Michael Bay not so talented in the field of making movies? Yes. Is Michael Bay one of the worst directors the United States of America has ever produced? Yes. Does Michael Bay create movies that, contrary to popular belief, never know exactly "what they are" since they are desperately trying to be everything and therefore include snippets of every possible genre so they can appeal to every possible movie "fan" so they can rack up as much at the box office as is humanly possible and thereby negate quality of even the slimmest kind? Yes.

But is Michael Bay an egomaniacal hack? No. We've never met him, so how could we say that for sure?


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't you be busy watching some black and white, French, 5-hour-long, allegory-ridden, symbolic use of lighting-using, slow-paced vanity Hollywood project instead of attacking this generation's Orson Welles?

Mr. Bay, if you're reading this, I utterly reject Cinema Romantico's attack, which undoubtedly stems from jealousy. Your financial, cinematic, and artistic genius are unmatched by any would-be imitator. I salute you, and yes, you may absolutely bring the brewskies.

Wretched Genius said...

As far as I'm concerned, Michael Bay's film career plays like a 16-hour long trailer for the greatest action movie ever created by man. Not the actual movie itself, mind you, just the trailer.

Anonymous said...

If I said it once, I've said it 47,243 times. Am I a whining moron who's jealous that Michael Bay gets to make a living from making movies? Yes. Does that change the fact that Michael Bay can't direct? No.

Anonymous said...

Again, Mr. Bay, I feel the need to distance myself from the comments of Cinema Romantico. Please don't hold it against me. Please let me work you! I gotta get out of this job! PLEASE!

(By the way... "The Island." A little hackey.)

Anonymous said...

i just re-read my last hilarious post. I meant to say "please let me work FOR you," but I just said "please let me work you." I would say it was a mistake, but according to Freud, there are no mistakes. All of a sudden, I think i need to re-analyze my feelings for Michael Bay.