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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Last Kiss (Deux?)

So I had a strange thing happen - I recently watched "The Last Kiss" which was, of course, the Garden State sequel.....whoops! Pardon me, it's just that's what everyone was calling it when it was released last September. (Check out my review.) In any event, I watched "The Last Kiss" a second time just recently and, well, I guess...........

Okay, so in the movie the Zach Braff character is dating this great woman (Jacinda Barrett) and she's become pregnant but the Zach Braff character is getting older and worried that his life is too "planned out" and he meets this younger girl (Rachel Bilson) at a wedding and they kinda' start seeing each other on the sly and then the Jacinda Barrett character inevitably finds out and so on and so forth............yeah, so the weird part.

When I watched it last year - or, to be precise, 11 months ago - I felt a lot of sympathy for the Zach Braff character. I mean, understood his girlfriend was a great person and that it wasn't a good thing, per se, for him to be cheating on her. In re-reading my review I see there was a woman who wondered aloud why Zach Braff was "so stupid" and I replied - in my blog, not to her face - that it was because he was a human being. And I still believe that. Human beings are stupid all the time. I've been stupid a lot since in the eleven months since I saw the movie in the theater. But I myself wasn't ready to label Zach Braff as being so stupid.

But now, eleven months later, I watched the movie and as I did the one thing that kept popping into my head over and over was, "God, Zach Braff is so stupid. Why the f--- would he cheat on her?"

The question: Should this freak me out?


The Fab Miss B said...

I totally agree. I saw this movie on the plane back from Europe (which may impair judgment due to the inevitable crankiness induced by coach flights...)and felt like you could really tell it was a remake of a melodramatic Italian film. Like it would have worked if they were all italian, but I didn't really buy it coming from Americans. It was too over the top. And, this guy is a fucking moron to prefer a psychotic stalker co-ed to his gorgeous, sweet, pregnant fiancee. Maybe its just 'cause I'm a married woman, but I always feel like the wife gets discredited in these sorts of movies. Being married is actually quite lovely, and it seems to me that the 50% of couples who are happily married rarely get movies devoted to them. I suppose it isn't interesting without the drama of cheating etc.

Anonymous said...

As we all know, the current, stable significant other is boring, mean, controlling, vapid, soul-sucking, and/or crushing your creative spirit. The new, exciting person is unstable, unpredictable, unabashed, free-spirited, soul-uplifting, and/or liberating. This person is better. Forget about the years you have spent with that boring person you love, this new person will free you. Movies have told me so. Don't worry about the consequences. Go for the new person. You'll be glad you did.