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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

So Long, Merv

With the recent passing of the one & only Merv Griffin we here at Cinema Romantico know there is only one way to provide a proper tribute - and that is to mention Mr. Griffin's cameo in the 1983 Steve Martin comedy "The Man With Two Brains". Mr. Griffin's brief appearance was, is, and will forever be one of the greatest cinematic cameos of all time.

Michael: "Merv Griffin? You're the Elevator Killer?"

Merv Griffin: "Yes."

Michael: "Why?"

Merv Griffin: "I don't know. I've always loved to kill. I really enjoyed it. But then I got famous, and it's just too hard for me. And so many witnesses. I mean, everybody recognized me. I couldn't even lurk anymore. I'd hear, 'Who's that lurking over there? Isn't that Merv Griffin?' So I came to Europe to kill. And it's really worked out very well for me."

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