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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Best Seat in the Hospital

If anyone was curious in regards to the comments left on my last post, your dutiful narrator at Cinema Romantico recently spent a few "fun-filled" days at a local hospital having his about-to-rupture-appendix removed. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part also was not having my wallet turn up lost while at the hospital (and yes, it did turn up lost). The worst part was also not watching my beloved football team through which I live vicariously the very day I returned home from the hospital get beaten to a pulp so far beyond bloody it was almost comical. No, the worst part was being trapped in my hospital bed on Friday with a copy of the Chicago Sun Times Movie Section showing me the nearly half-dozen movies I really, really wanted to see that I couldn't go see.

(Universe, you've done it again!)

Instead I was left with cable TV and several movies I've already seen. So I thought I'd let you know if the views I originally had on them were still relevant. Here are my takes:

Paycheck: Yeah, this one's still crap. Uma, poor Uma. What did they do to my poor Uma?

Glory: This one's still awesome, although - to nitpick - there seem to be a few too many callback moments in the script - a fact I either chose to overlook all these years or forgot. What I also found interesting was not remembering that the "Jump to Conclusions Mat" guy from "Office Space" is featured ever-so-briefly in this Civil War epic.

Buffalo Soldiers: Why doesn't Anna Paquin ever get a leading role?

Pretty in Pink: Molly Ringwald never was my favorite Brat-Packer. In fact, I don't think I ever liked the Brat-Pack as a whole. I'm just glad AMC wasn't showing "St. Elmo's Fire" instead. Otherwise, I would have had to tell the 52 doctors that came into my room at one point or another to ask me the same questions over and over that, in fact, I did feel nauseous.

The Firm: My friend Daryl's idea to re-invent the Grisham movie genre via "Runaway Jury: The Musical" is still one of the most brilliant cinematic ideas this decade.

(Note: Reviews of current movies will begin again very soon. I may have been down, but I'll be back up. Nothing keeps Cinema Romantico away from the wonderous darkness of the movie theater.)


Anonymous said...

Hey man, did they let you keep your appendix? There's a movie idea -- appendix in a jar, name it, take it on dates, make love to it. Oh yeah. Hope all is well. Want to syndicate your reviews on my music/art review site? Let's talk! -G. greg(at)perfectporridge.com

The Fab Miss B said...

Glad you are recovering! Get back in the theater soon, I"m living vicariously through you since the authentic movie theater experience is dampened slighty when dubbed into Mandarin...