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Monday, October 22, 2007

The Performance to End All Performances

Well, I could espouse for pages and pages regarding the inconceivable amazingness of the Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band show I witnessed last night and re-advise that he is without any question the greatest live performer of all time. But then we all know I'm a tad biased. Therefore we will tun to my fellow concertgoers, Matt (who had never seen Springsteen live) and Nicolle (who had never seen Springsteen live with The E Street Band), and I will reprint a couple of their feelings on the show verbatim to help me back up my point.

"That might have been the greatest song ever." - Matt (after "Reason to Believe" which was re-worked into a Bo Diddley-type blues song)

"This is the greatest concert ever." - Nicolle

Told ya'.


Agent 2112 said...

Only the 7th show? I have seen Kansas 20 times. I guess I like Kansas more than you like Bruce. Can I call him Bruce?

Anonymous said...

Ah, but one Bruce ticket costs as much as five - or perhaps seven - Kansas tickets.

Agent 2112 said...

I will admit, I have seen Kansas at a church fund raiser, county fairs, and for free... I have also seen them open for Styx and left before Styx.

Anonymous said...

I was with Dave at the last Kansas show in a church parking lot. The catholics were mighty drunk on $5 beers. How much does Bruce charge for beers?

Anonymous said...

$16.75, not including tip. BUT (yes, a big BUT) you can get Labatt Blue. So it evens out.