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Monday, October 01, 2007

'Twas the Day Before "Magic"

Are you in front of your computer, calm, placid? Are you sitting down, politely minding your manners? Are you thinking - gee, today's Monday, and tomorrow will be Tuesday? If that's what you're thinking then, pardon me for saying so, but what the hell's the matter with you?! Do you realize what's going on?! Do you know what tomorrow is?! For the love of everything sacred and holy how can you be so serene when THE NEW BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN ALBUM IS LESS THAN 24 HOURS AWAY?!

My foot's tapping incessantly. I can't stay focused. Every 10 minutes I have heat flashes. I WANT IT TO BE TOMORROW!!!

In 2002 for the release of Bruce's The Rising I took the day off from work. That was different, though. It was the first album he'd made with his beloved E Street Band in 15 years. Besides, why should I have to go to the trouble of requesting the day off when it SHOULD SO OBVIOUSLY BE A NATIONAL HOLIDAY! Are you listening, federal government?! John Kerry used a Springsteen song for his campaign anthem in 2004. Do you think HE'S going to be at work tomorrow?!

When Bruce's solo album Devils and Dust came out back in 2005 I explained to a few of my co-workers the all-important New Bruce Album Listening Process. First, you listen to it. Second, you listen to it again. Third, you listen to it while making dinner. Fourth, you listen to it with the lyrics in front of you. Fifth, you listen to it when you go to bed.

They looked at me like I was insane. Which I probably am. In the face of a new Bruce album how else can one act?

That's not all. His tour begins tomorrow night in Hartford, CT. His tour with the motherf---in' E Street Band. Which means he'll be swinging through Chicago in less than 3 weeks. And I will be there. Oh yes, I will.

Hold it....gotta' hyperventilate.

Where was I? What am I doing? New Bruce album. Right. Did I mention it comes out tomorrow?! The only reason my appendix hasn't ruptured is because I don't HAVE an appendix.

You should be listening to Bruce right now. Don't you know that? Damn it, people. Do you need a slap to the head? A punch to the gut? Ya' gotta' get ready. Put away your Ipods and head here at once.

Set aside whatever pressing "work" it is you're doing right now and read this instead. It demands your attention!

A new Bruce album comes but once every few (sometimes more) years. There's only one present under this October Christmas tree but it's worth more than all the Sierra Nevada in California.

Tomorrow. Approximately 5:40 PM (CST). A drink. My headphones. The new Bruce Springsteen album. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Is there anymore to say? Of course, but I won't.

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Rory Larry said...

I've been listening exclusively to Mr. Springsteen since last Thursday and I'll be purchasing said album as soon as I wake up tomorrow. I'm with you, sir.