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Monday, November 05, 2007

Cinema Romantico Is On Your Side, Writers!

For anyone not in the proverbial loop, the Writers Guild of America went on strike today. And despite the fact Cinema Romantico is not a member of the WGA and has, to this point, earned no more than $18.36 over the course of 30 years for its plethora of authored works, I would like to take a moment and state that our entire "staff" strongly supports everyone standing today on the picket line.

Let's see how they do without you.


Anonymous said...

How to do it without them:

1. Have contests for the viewing public - "Write an Episode of (show name here) and Win!"

2. Prize for winning entries: $500 and a chance to see the show in production! (Savings to studio - tens of thousands per episode, especially for syndication).

3. Use the general viewing public (i.e., scabs) to break the union. Plus, there's tons of "writers" out there not in union. They want a break.

4. Allow actors to "write" episodes. They will hire people to do it for them but claim credit. Use those scripts.

5. If in doubt, more reality shows!

Rory Larry said...

6. With shows as formulaic as CSI or House, you could just divide any five scripts and reassemble them at random and bam five new scripts

Rory Larry said...
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Wretched Genius said...

7. Allow creative, independent, non-union writers a foot inside the door that is usually closed to them so that writers like John August, David Koepp, and Scott Rosenberg can continue making six figures or greater for each blockbuster, write-by-numbers sequel they can pump out.

Anonymous said...

8. Did I mention reality shows? Because, really, that's what the actual answer is going to be.

Wretched Genius said...

Actually Daryl, reality shows are part of the negotiations. The WGA wants the writers of reality & game shows to receive a greater cut of the royalties.

Let me repeat that: the WGA wants its members to be paid for "writing" shows that, by their very definition, do not require writing.