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Monday, May 19, 2008

Letter to the Bond People

Dear Producers Of The New James Bond Film,

It has come to my attention that everyone's favorite alcoholic Amy Winehouse was set to the perform the title them for your upcoming release "Quantum of Solace" but that Ms. Winehouse's recent, let's say, "issues" have caused you to nix this plan and begin a search for someone new. Well, allow me to provide your solution in two words.

Kylie. Minogue.

She lives in Australia. She's uber-talented. Her level of coolness is astronomical. Her new album rocks the bodega. She could fend off a cougar while simultaneously executing a costume change. Oh, and she just bitch-slapped cancer.

She's the one. Call off the search. Hire her. Now.

Cinema Romantico

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Anonymous said...

Dear Bond People,

Go to You Tube. Type in "Achy Breaky Heart." Watch video. Call me.