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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blimey! I've Been Tagged!

Recently my friend, fellow blogger and China resident Becky indicated she had been tagged by a colleague to offer up her five favorite blogs and/or webspots. She met the challenge head-on and then advised in said post that I had been tagged by her to do the same.

Ah, but in the world of Cinema Romantico things are never so easy. The question then became do I simply tell you the five most essential blogs and/or webspots in my life or the five that may benefit you, my dear and loyal readers, the most?

I mean, if you want an overdose on the all-out religion that is Nebraska Football you can't do better than Double Extra Point but I'm not sure how many of you do, in fact, desire an overdose on that topic, let alone a speck of a regular dose.

I have my three favorite film critics: the esteemed Roger Ebert, A.O. Scott of the New York Times and Dana Stevens of Slate whom I check up with regularly but if I list them then, damn, I've only got two spots left.

Thus, I need to be cautious before just getting all willy-nilly and naming blogs and/or webspots with no cares in the world. So here goes....

Excellent digressions on cinema can be found on Jim Emerson's Scanners blog with the Chicago Sun Times and Living the Romantic Comedy.

For some new tuneage (as "Juno" herself might say) I greatly enjoy dropping in on a fantastic blog called Lonesome Music and now will also enjoy dropping in on the No Depression website since its awesome magazine will no longer be in print. (How will I survive lunch breaks at Borders without being able to peruse it???)

And, of course, I always make sure to check up on Meghan McCain's blog. Ack, wait?! Did I just admit that?! Ah well....so what? I do. Sue me. I kinda' got a thing for her. Not that I'll be voting for her father. The personal isn't always political.

Uh, Rory & Brad, if you're reading this I guess you've been tagged....

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