' ' Cinema Romantico: Happy Anniversary!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Bust out the champaign! Put on your party hat! Dance a jig! Come on, loyal reader, don't tell me you haven't been counting it down just like me! You have. I know you have!

Yes, it's been exactly one year since Cinema Romantico proclaimed the illustrious Sienna Miller as its official Cinematic Crush! At that time I foresaw a "long and prosperous reign" and not a gosh darn thing has happened to change my mind! If anything, she's gone so far as to strengthen her grip on the crown! What, with the fake blood (sigh), her recent admittance of being too selfish to want kids (swoon) and taking on the role of an evil Maid Marian (oh, still my beating heart).

Wait, did I forget to mention the fact she smoked and drank scotch simultaneously in "Interview"? I did? Sorry about that! Well, in "Interview" she smoked and drank scotch simultaneously.

Whoops....fainted for a second. It's okay. I'm back now.

So how does Cinema Romantico plan to celebrate this most glorious of occassions? With a haiku, of course.

An Ode To Sienna

Certain English grace
what everyone thinks of you
matters not at all.

Cigarette dangling
drink me under the table
you curse poetry.

Your smile is so sweet
it's sweet like bitter red wine
pour me another.

Don't change I plead you
self destruction's fine with me
I'll write you a role.

If you don't like it
blow nicotine in my face
I'll piss off for you.

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Anonymous said...

Help's available
at a treatment center. Sir,
you can be made right.