' ' Cinema Romantico: A Digression: The Day After Thanksgiving Miracle

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Digression: The Day After Thanksgiving Miracle

(What better way to commemorate my beloved Nebraska Cornhusker's heavily dramatic victory yesterday over their nefarious nemesis, the Colorado Buffaloes, than with a poem composed in the beautiful, beautiful scotch-infused, post-game glow.)

Alex Henery
hallowed be thy name
a mere swing of your foot
decided a most glorious game.

Our arch enemy vanquished
on the strength of your shoe
a New Year's Day Bowl earned
when you booted the ball through.

Your icy cool demeanor
made Husker nation rise as one
over the goalpost it barely breathed
it wasn't just the game but our hearts that you won.

57 yards, a record etched in lore
your name forever committed to memory
Frazier, Crouch, Rodgers, Redwine, and Rozier
Rimington, Glover, Alberts, and Henery - oh Henery.


Behounek said...
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Behounek said...

I let out a scream of joy unlike any I have let out watching a Nebraska football game in quite some time.

Also nearly scared the cat through the roof.