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Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Chairman of the Board

It seems that Martin Scorsese has been slated to direct a biopic of New Jersey's second most legendary singer (yes, I said it - I meant it - I'm right - end of discussion - and if anyone takes this as their cue for a Jon Bon Jovi joke I'll set fire to their lawn) - that is, Frank Sinatra.

The question, of course, becomes who in the name of God can portray Frank Sinatra? Anyone? Is this possible? Is he in the realm of unportrayable? (For instance, I think Elvis is unpotrayable.)

Yet, I get the feeling that Mr. Scorsese's latter years DeNiro, Leonardo DiCaprio, would be considered a top choice. Do you? And does this also mean that Scorsese brings Kate Beckinsale back as Ava Gardner? And does this also mean that Scorsese brings Billy Crudup over from "Public Enemies" to reprise J. Edgar Hoover? And does this also mean they are going to have to re-create footage of "From Here To Eternity"? Because if they do they would have to cast someone as Montgomery Clift and, as far as I'm concerned, that would be just as difficult as casting someone as Frank Sinatra. Maybe Billy Crudup could pull off Montgomery Clift but if Billy Crudup is already playing J. Edgar Hoover....

Maybe I'll just stop thinking about this now.

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Wretched Genius said...

Jon Bon Jovi as Jersey's best singer? Do you really think that low of us, Nick? No one would ever joke about a thing like that. Certainly not when someone like Bruno has so clearly earned that title.