' ' Cinema Romantico: Michael Cera Really Is My Doppelganger

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Michael Cera Really Is My Doppelganger

It's not just because I would choose him to play me in a movie and it's not just because he starred last year in a movie where his character was named Nick and it's not just because the poster for this summer's "Year One" featured him, alongside Jack Black, bearing an expression I myself often have in photos (confused, frantic, frightened) and it's not just because he is starring in a new movie, "Youth In Revolt", where yet again his character is named Nick but because in this new movie where he is named Nick his primary goal appears to be wooing his dream girl, his dream girl who is named....

Are you ready?

Do you have a drink?

....Sheeni. (Pronounced: Shay-nee.)

Yes. Sheeni. Now if you know me and know who my dream girl was, the dream girl I've obsessed over (though nowhere near as much in recent years) for the past 12 years, then you know her name is eerily similar to Sheeni. We're talkin' eerily similar here, people.

I mean, what is going on? If I go see "Youth In Revolt" and Eagle Eye Cherry turns up anywhere on the soundtrack, well, I might just have a nervous breakdown right there in the movie theater.

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