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Thursday, November 05, 2009

One Man's Quest To Get Kelly Macdonald An Oscar Nomination

How does one idiot blogger with a moderate-to-extremely-slight income based 2,000 miles away from Hollywood whose only "connections" to the industry both result from approximately three minute conversations with Joey Lauren Adams and Gregory Alan Williams, former "star" of "Baywatch" (who also shared a scene in "Be Cool" with Uma Thurman which means that, basically, I've met Uma Thurman), mount an Oscar campaign for a chosen actress? I can't exactly erect a billboard on the Hollywood Freeway or hand out cupcakes emblazoned with Kelly Macdonald's likeness in Beverly Hills. It is a mere two months to ballots being mailed to Academy voters meaning I have little time to waste and simply posting pleas on this blog is not going to get the job done. I realized I had to go for the throat. I had to go straight to the source.

I had to go to the Academy.

One problem arose instantly. Who the hell is the Academy? It seems akin to my freshman pre-algebra teacher Mr. Toomire constantly referencing the "administration" only to hurry on to other topics whenever pressed in relation to just who the "administration" was and what they did.

The Academy website grants you the opportunity to "Meet the Academy" but, in reality, this is just video clips with a measly four Academy members. This is nothing. There are over 6,000 members, for God's sake, and I need to drum up support with all of them. (Does it not seem strange every single one of these Academy members don't simply list their names and email addresses right there on the web site? It doesn't? Really? Huh.)

However, the website does list its Board of Governors for the 2009-2010 season. According to the website "The Board of Governors consists of representatives from each of the 15 Academy branches. All branches are represented on the Board by three governors." The Actors Branch is represented by Mr. Tom Hanks (who doubles as First Vice President), Ms. Annette Bening and Mr. Henry Winkler. (One of these things is not like the others.)

Perhaps if I could make an appeal to this trio to consider - remember, we're not demanding anything here - her for a nomination this could cause a trickle-down-effect to the actors in the branch below them. Word-of-mouth in Hollywood is a strong ally.

Thus to the interweb I dashed and tracked down mailing info for the agent and the production company (Playtone Productions) of Mr. Hanks and the agent and publicist of Ms. Bening. Mr. Winkler, on the other hand, seems to only have an address specifically set aside for "autograph requests". I found Mr. Winkler's work in "The Waterboy" as complex and moving as everyone else but I still don't need an autographed picture of him buried in the bottom of a box in a storage shed.

So I composed letters gushing with my usual hyperbolic prose in an effort to enlist Mr. Hanks and Ms. Bening in this most glorious cause. I sent them off at once where they will no doubt be read by designated letter readers and then pitched into the furnace room. (I spent most of the letters specifically addressing the "letter readers" of Mr. Hanks and Ms. Bening in the most over the top fashion possible in the hopes that if someone does actually read these letters - the someone most likely being a designated letter reader who hates his or her job - that this might brighten their day just enough to pass it on to the intended recipient.) That's precisely why I will keep sending copies of these letters until nomination time or until I receive a response. ("For the love of God, stop sending these asinine letters.")

Undoubtedly this little ruse will not be enough to push Kelly Macdonald over the top and so the offices of Cinema Romantico are still hard at work, morning, noon and night, to turn the tide. More will follow.

If you have seen this movie (if not, it will be released this Tuesday, November 10, on DVD) and agree with our assessment of Ms. Macdonald's performance we ask that you please forward a letter to Mr. Hanks and Ms. Bening politely asking for her consideration. We need your help. After all, what chance does Kelly Macdonald have when the good people do nothing?

(Follow Up: My friend & fellow movie lover Brad intelligently and of his own initiative added this post to Digg.com in further hopes of aiding the cause. So take a brief moment from your busy day to show support for Kelly Macdonald, hop over, sign in, and Digg the article. This is the chance for your voice to be heard! Don't waste it! You can make a difference!)


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