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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I think I'm just now beginning to emerge from my staggering post Big 12 Championship letdown. I finally took my Nebraska flag down from the wall (which I had hung specifically for the title game). It only took me 4 days! I couldn't take it down. I just couldn't. I couldn't accept it. I kept thinking that maybe if I didn't take it down that the Big 12 would rule there really wasn't one second left and so they were retroactively rewarding the conference title to.....oh, Lord help me.

Anyway, this hasn't been easy in any way, shape or form, so thank you for letting me work it out a little on my blog.

But it's the best month of the year for movies! So many of 'em, popping up left and right! I've seen a bunch and have an even bigger bunch more coming up to see and so the movie posts are about to return, fast & furious. (Question: Who's seen the "Crazy Heart" trailer? If so, who thinks it looks as good as I do?) Check back tomorrow for my take on "Brothers", on Friday for thoughts regarding "Everybody's Fine" and then a week's worth of posts in relation to end-of-the-decade lists before we get back to more movie reviews. Plus, you also can also anticipate an epic, almost-as-earnest-as-my-Big-12-Title-Game post diatribe on the film "Titanic" in honor of James Cameron releasing "Avatar" since I know how much everyone who reads this blog loves "Titanic"! Yaaaaaay!!! The fun hasn't even begun!

(Though if Nadamukong Suh actually wins the Heisman Trophy, all bets are off. I may go into epileptic shock and just have to shut this blog down for three weeks.)

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