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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sherlock Holmes: The Sequel

Rumors are flying that Robert Downey Jr. has dropped out of filming "Cowboys & Aliens" in order to fast track a sequel to his "Sherlock Holmes". Happily, Cinema Romantico was able to interview the sequel's prospective screenwwriters (who, due to studio bylaws, cannot be named). The following is a transcript of our entire conversation:

CR: "Any plans to expand the Rachel McAdams character?"
Writer #1: "Who?"
CR: "Irene Adler. The character that was played by Rachel McAdams."
Writer #1: "Oh! Her! Right."
Writer #2: "We kept forgetting she was in the movie."
Writer #1: "We decided to eliminate her from the sequel. There were so many characters. Sherlock Holmes...Watson...whoever else. We just couldn't keep track."
CR: "You couldn't keep track?"
Writer #1: "We decided to give Sherlock Holmes a pet Saint Bernard-"
Writer #2: "A wacky pet Saint Bernard."
Writer #1: "Exactly. A wacky pet Saint Bernard instead."
CR: "We're done here."


Wretched Genius said...

Smart move with the dog. A lesser set of writers wouldn't have the patience to hold off on the adorable child sidekick until the 3rd film. These guys are clearly professionals.

Castor said...

They better get her more to work with or we will hunt them down and publicly display their severed heads!!!