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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Help! What Should I See?!

As tradition stipulates, I like to see a movie in the afternoon prior to the Super Bowl. So while I really want to see "Fish Tank", opening this weeekend in Chicago, and plan to, that is not a film for Super Bowl Sunday. I want to see something that does not demand as much attention. The problem? There really is nothing else out I want to see. I mean, nothing. Hey, I'm as big a sucker for crappy romantic comedies as the next guy but even the comely Kristen Bell doesn't make me want to go see "When In Rome". Denzel Washington is essentially the definition of charismatic and yet I still have no desire to plunk down $11 (matinee price!) for "Book of Eli".

So I've narrowed the contenders to two: "The Blind Side" and "Edge of Darkness". Why these? Well, "The Blind Side" is obviously due to Sandra Bullock's leading role that seems destined to bring her an Oscar (while Kelly Macdonald sits at home eating chunky monkey). "Edge of Darkness" is due to...I'm honestly not sure. I guess I've always kinda liked Mel Gibson as an actor. I love "Signs". He may be a complete a--hole in real life, and it seems more and more likely that's the case, but that is 100% irrelevant to what he does onscreen. And even though many of the lines in the "Edge of Darkness" preview made me cringe I guess...I don't know! I just want to see a movie on Super Bowl Sunday! Is that so wrong?! STOP JUDGING ME!!!

So I need some help. Anyone who wanders onto my blog over the next couple days please feel free to cast a vote for either "The Blind Side" or "Edge of Darkness" and, if you want, tell me why.

I'm not saying 100% I'll take your advice. I may wake up on Sunday and just not have it in me to deal with the schmaltz of "The Blind Side" but I'll strongly consider anything anyone has to say. Desperate times call for...well, you know.


Castor said...

Edge of Darkness, simply because I cannot accept that Sandra Bullock could win an Oscar... Also the script for Edge of Darkness is very dark so I would love to see what you think about the movie

Nicolle said...

The Blind Side, because I said so.

Wretched Genius said...

Edge of Darkness, because it at least doesn't pretend to be anything more than it is. The Blind Side is a coldly calculated tearjerker that hits every single note you'd expect it to, with absolutely no surprises. While the overall arch of Gibson's movie is probably predictable, at least the details might have some originality to them. Or at least look cool.

Wretched Genius said...

I should add that my true suggestion is to just go see Avatar in 3D again, 'cause that movie is going to lose a lot of its appeal when it hits home video. Might as well appreciate it in its natural form while you still can.

Jacob said...

really, this is the choice your giving me. I say, stay home and watch something good. Perhaps one of the great films in "The Thin Man" series. I have to say, while I agree Sandra did a decent job accepting her golden globe I just cant really stand her as an actress. Maybe "Blind Side" is great, but I'm sure I'll never know. Basically put Sandra and Mel in a boat and send them out to sea. Watch good movies, life is to short.

Rory Larry said...

A movie about football on Super Bowl Sunday? That is just too much. Although I think Jacob is right and no movie is the answer.

On a related note, I hate you and your chicago. Third Man was at Music Box thursday