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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Movie Fans....Rejoice!!!

Rare are the days anymore when movie fans earn victory. For example, this weekend multiplexes in Chicago are being invaded by films such as "Cop Out" (must miss!) and "The Crazies" (I wouldn't watch it on TBS at 2 in the morning when drunk!) with the theaters right next to them still showing "Valentine's Day" and "The Wolfman" and "Dear John" and so you find yourself staring at the marquee and wanting to weep into the snow and you think, "Is there any hope left?"

And then you read this.

Now maybe the great Amy Ryan won't be under-used in next month's "Green Zone" but as brilliant a filmmaker as I think Paul Greengrass is I won't believe she hasn't been under-used until I see it and, thus, I will just revel in this news.

The next film by Tom McCarthy, the exceptionally-talented writer/director behind "The Visitor" and "The Station Agent", will star Paul Giamatti and, yes, Amy Ryan. I don't even care what it's about! I don't! All I know is that McCarthy creates rich characters and doesn't under-use his actresses.

Blessed are we.

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Castor said...

Surprisingly, The Crazies is getting largely positive reviews (70% on RT). I probably won't see it but that's worth a shot.

Fantastic news that Amy Ryan is getting together with the awesome Tom McCarthy. Maybe, just maybe she won't get a bit part ? lol