' ' Cinema Romantico: Has Quentin Gone Gaga?

Friday, March 19, 2010

Has Quentin Gone Gaga?

The Hollywood Hills are alive with rumors of one Lady Gaga (i.e. current title-holder of World's Coolest Person) potentially being featured as an assassin in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

I think Ms. Gaga said it best herself when she said: "Rah rah ah ah ah ah!"

Make no mistake, as I've said before, my two favorite cinematic pairings are Bogart & Bacall and Quentin & Uma. But if anyone could somehow assume the place of the exhiliratingly illustrious Uma it would be the woman who wrote "Bad Romance" and wore soda cans in her hair.

I urge you to write your congressman, email Q.T. himself, stop Harvey Weinstein when you see him on the street and beg, stuff fliers under windshield wipers, put signs in your lawn, shout it out at people through a bullhorn on top of a box at the local park, even take to (gulp) Twitter, if need be! He's the only filmmaker alive who could appropriately inject a little Gagaciousness into the proceedings. This needs to happen.

(Note: Anyone who leaves a comment here indicating this idea is idiotic has every right to do so but know one thing in advance - I see your point but you're just wrong.)

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