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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thanks For Taking My Advice!

A little over a year ago on this very blog in my typical restrained and understated fashion I reasonably and calmly called for Hollywood to take one of the most infamous unproduced screenplays - "F--- Buddies" - gallivanting about their town and put it into production with the incomparable Billy Crudup and the magnificent Amy Ryan as the leads.

Hollywood listened! Well, sort of.

They have put the unproduced screenplay - authored by Liz Meriweather - into production, renamed it "Friends With Benefits" (a given), tapped (gulp) Ivan "This Movie Could Really Use Some Pirates" Reitman as director, and cast Natalie Portman and (double gulp) Ashton Kutcher.

You suck, Hollywood.


Castor said...

lol Ashton Kutcher, that's a major fail. Put a decent actor across Portman and you might have something but this is going nowhere

Nick Prigge said...

I should also add I haven't actually read this screenplay so who knows if it's really as good as advertised. But they certainly didn't give it much of a fighting chance.

Andrew K. said...

I always think Kutcher has potential, and then he does some crap. Hopefully he'll do well...