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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Desert Island DVDs

Fandango Groovers Movie Blog today is spearheading a multi-blog event that is - in its own words - "a variation on the radio program Desert Island Discs: For those who don’t know the show has been running on the BBC for nearly 70 years. Guests are invited to imagine themselves cast away on a desert island with only eight pieces of music to listen to." But in this case bloggers are asked to envision themselves cast away on a desert island with only eight DVDs. So....eight movies I love implicitly....eight movies I would choose if I could never choose any other movies again....eight movies I could watch over and over and never ever tire of....

You might not believe me but I made this list in about 34 seconds. I know what I want. What would you want?

Cinema Romantico's 8 Desert Island DVDs:

- "Last of the Mohicans". No explanation necessary. The Washington Monument of my DVD collection.

"Million Dollar Baby". The Lincoln Monument of my DVD collection. I know that for some "Million Dollar Baby" - particularly the third act - is hard to watch, and I totally understand, but it's not for me. I find moviemaking that incredible easy to watch.

"The Myth of Fingerprints". I only watch this movie once a year but I have to fight off persistent urges at many times during the year to keep that once-a-year tradition alive, believe me. I could watch it 180 times a year - possibly even 255 times a year. It is the Jefferson Monument of my DVD collection (and now I will stop with this whole Washington D.C. landmark comparison nonsense).

"Lost In Translation". I imagine it's going to get just a bit lonely on that desert island and this is - far and away - my favorite film to watch when I feel a little bit lonely (and/or lost).

- "Before Sunrise".
No one to talk to on the island? No worries. I'll let Jesse and Celine talk for me. (Note: I've have yet to write a review of this movie. Tragic. So here's my friend Rory's review.)

"From Here To Eternity". Now do you understand why I'm so concerned Jessica Simpson might one day star in a remake of this? Do you hear me, Simpson?! Keep your grubby hands off! Don't think I don't know what you're up to!

"Without Limits". When I moved from Iowa to Arizona my first day out on the road the enormity of what I was doing hit me and I had a little bit of a freak-out. I mean, of course, I did. It's me! That night at my hotel in Oklahoma City I found "Without Limits" showing on TV and I cannot describe how happy it made me and how much it calmed me down. Cinematic comfort food.

- "Elizabethtown". Don't judge me!!!


oliveobrien1978 said...

Yay, another fan of "Lost in Translation and I thought I was alone:)

Castor said...

Great list Nic. I'm not surprised to see many of those movies as they have made your "Great movies" posts. The only one we have in common is The Last of the Mohicans.

Anonymous said...

Good call on Lost in Translation, never even heard of Myth of Fingerprints though. Need to check that one out. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Very good list! Love that you have also included Million Dollar Baby!

Andrew K. said...

Lovely to see From Here to Eternity. Clift and Kerr at their best.

Fletch said...

Yours is the second list in a row I've seen just now with Last of the Mohicans. It hadn't crossed my mind, but I really like that pick. Also, Before Sunrise - wow, love that pick. If I'm gonna be bored and/or alone on this island, I can't imagine a better movie that's just chock full of interesting dialogue. Also, it might give me hope that I meet someone on the island for just a night (I'm assuming my wife ain't there with me...).

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness, I feel so guilty now for not having seen Last of the Mohicans... and I do love Day-Lewis. I don't know much about Elizabethtown to judge you, besides, to each their own, right?

Unknown said...

Lost In Translation! Excellent! Very interesting list.

Elizabethtown though? Well I guess it's my Troy. Everyone's giving me a hard time about that. lol

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I like Elizabethtown, I just don't like Orlando Bloom in it so I pretend he's someone else.

Nick Prigge said...

Thanks for dropping by, everyone. Glad to hear of many mutual "Lost in Translation" fans. I'm still on the completely useless bandwagon that it got robbed by "Return of the King" at the Oscars. But that might just be me.

Fletch: that might be an idea for "Before Sunrise 3". The stranded on an island version. Maybe a comedic remake with Will Ferrell.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time reading your blog, Nick, but because you picked "Elizabethtown" I will be back! :)

Seriously, though, I love that movie in spite of all the negative reviews and haters. There's just something elemental and touching about being in your mid- to late-20s and feeling lost, adrift, at sea and in search of ... something to hold onto.

I'm happy to see "Lost in Translation" on here because I love Bill Murray in general. This is his best work ("Zombieland" aside, of course).

Castor said...

Muahahah, see! Discover the awesomeness of Cinema Romantico! I was here first, pay a toll.

Anonymous said...

I picked ELIZABETHTOWN, too! No guilt! :-)

Nick Prigge said...

For so long I've been ashamed of my unconditional love for the unstoppable awesomemeness of "Elizabethtown" but no more. It's nice to see it's touched other people, too. I mean, I DIG that movie.

Anonymous said...

Nick! Your list was going so well until...ELIZABETHTOWN!!
I swore I wouldn't judge reading through other bloggers lists but...ELIZABETHTOWN!!!

Ryan McNeil said...

None in common with my eight, but high marks for MOHICANS...and holy hannah! I could have sworn that I was the only person who dug ELIZABETHTOWN!!! that's worth taking just to be able to hear so much of "Free Bird".

Great list, I'd paddle over to your island any day.

Anonymous said...

Before Sunrise is my favourite Richard Linklater movie, I considered it for my list but it lost out to Dazed and Confused for its fun, feel good factor and great soundtrack. Thanks for joining in by the way.

Ronan Wright said...

With 'From Here to eternity' you've reminded me of how thankful I would be to have my wife with me on this Island.

Thanks Nicholas.