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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Paradise, Hawaiian Style

"I like my job. It's fun. It's interesting. And I meet a lot of nice people."
"Nonsense. Tourists aren't people. They're....tourists."

This is one of the many "classic" exchanges in the "landmark" 1961 musical "Blue Hawaii", in this case between Chad Gates (Elvis Presley) and his she-witch of a mom (Angela Lansbury - yes, you read that right). I mention it because I am on the verge of becoming a terrible tourist myself in the Aloha State as I jet out tomorrow to visit my friends Becky (blogger extraordinaire) and Eric on the Big Island. And, thus, I'd like to advise that since I have no intention of even thinking about this blog while I'm away, let alone posting on it, fabled Cinema Romantico will be shrouded in darkness for the next two weeks. Sort of.

I recently waded through the dreck of this blog's early, pioneer days when I sporadically updated and was trying to figure out 1.) How to write movie reviews and, more specifically, 2.) How I wanted to write movie reviews. So I've set a few auto posts with some of the more decent (I think) work I managed to churn out - the work where I managed to get across what I was going for - when this was but a fledgling blog and negative five people were reading. Enjoy. Maybe. If not, I will eventually return with my "much anticipated" summer movie spectacular.

And what better way to say a hui hou than with this rad-to-the-max "Blue Hawaii" clip?

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