' ' Cinema Romantico: When Hell Was About To Descend On Chicago

Saturday, July 10, 2010

When Hell Was About To Descend On Chicago

With Cinema Romantico's Public Enemy #1 (i.e. Michael Bay) and his cast and crew of approximately 237,000 set to descend on the city where I live and the downtown area I have to navigate every single day to film the least anticipated film of my whole life, "Transformers 3", my friend Daryl suggested I should attempt to get cast as an extra. It would be the ultimate irony, he said. I thought more along the lines of taking a stab at sabotage.

Alas. It appears the open casting calls for "Transformers 3" took place all the way back at the beginning of June. But, in a wonderous twist, my search for the casting call led me to the actual mailing address of Michael Bay Films!

Bay Films
631 Colorado Ave
Santa Monica CA 90401

They specifically advise: "Do NOT send photos and resumes to the production company, they do not cast the films." Fair enough. But this little message says nothing of requests asking to spare the city of Chicago with Michael Bay's presence, or overtures to stop directing movies in general, or just your basic hate mail. So use this address for any demands/diatribes aside from photos and resumes for Mr. Bay. I hope this helps.


Castor said...

You should send him something and see if he responds ahah

Nick Prigge said...

Nah, I tried that with my terribly ill fated Kelly Macdonald Oscar campaign. I'm fairly certain all those pleas ended up in the trash.