' ' Cinema Romantico: Smoking In Movies Is A Right

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Smoking In Movies Is A Right

With the fancy-pants, well-to-do Centers For Disease Control And Prevention trumpeting a study that smoking has decreased radically in cinema since 2005, Cinema Romantico, a lifelong non-smoker, felt it was time to resolutely re-affirm that we unconditionally support smoking in the movies.

In keeping with that theme here are a few visual aids to brighten your day.

(Note: This is not actually a scene from a movie of Sienna Miller smoking. It's just Sienna Miller smoking. Sigh....)


Simon said...

Here's why smoking looks unconditionally cool: it implies that you're so badass, you'd be lucky to die of lung cancer, instead of, say, a hail of terrorist gunfire (after presetting a bomb in their headquarters, of course).

Andrew K. said...

I'm allergic to smoke...but oh god sometimes I really want to try. Damn you Bogey for making it look so cool.