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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Unstoppable: Trailer

I did not even need to see the eventual credit "A Tony Scott Film" in the trailer for the forthcoming "Unstoppable" to know that it was "A Tony Scott Film." A mere .0789 seconds into the trailer I said to myself: "Wait a second....I'd know that film stock anywhere! This is a Tony Scott film!" And so it was.

But this is not the most troublesome fact of "Unstoppable." Not at all. Nor is the most troublesome fact its premise of a runaway train stocked with nuclear weapons (or something - it doesn't really matter). No, the most troublesome fact is the presence of Denzel Washington. Why in the world is every other movie he makes nowadays with Tony Scott? Isn't he supposed to be Spike Lee's muse? When did he become Tony Scott's muse? Tony Scott does not deserve Denzel as a muse. Tony Scott deserves Dane Cook as a muse.

Denzel Washington & Tony Scott is like Marisa Tomei becoming Michael Bay's muse. At which point you should stock up on canned goods, saw off the shotgun in your basement and make sure the lanterns work. The end of the world will be right around the corner.

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