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Friday, October 01, 2010

31 Day Movie Meme (In 1 Day)

There has been a movie meme in which several of my noted colleagues have taken part - some have done it over the actual 31 days, some have done it all at once - and I have chosen to take part by cramming it all into one post for the simple fact that is much, much, much easier. Although I made it less easy on myself by pledging beforehand that I was not allowed to use any of my three favorite movies ("Last of the Mohicans", "Million Dollar Baby", "The Myth of Fingerprints") as answers. Oh boy.

Day 1: A Sequel That Should Not Have Been Made. I would, of course, say "Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen" except that would imply the first "Transformers" should have been made, which it should not have been, and so instead I will say "Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2." Why, movie gods? Answer me!!!

Day 2: A Movie More People Should See. "The Merry Gentleman." I am its champion and its protector. Ignore the critics who deem it "slow." It's only "slow" if you TiVo shows to get to the ads.

Day 3: Favorite Oscar Nominated Movie From The Most Recent Ballot. "In The Loop" was nominated for Adapted Screenplay and it is the best political movie I've seen since "Wag The Dog." Michael Moore wishes, prays, yearns, and would likely be willing to make sacrifices to the gods to make a satire this scathing....and still couldn't do it.

Day 4: A Movie That Makes You Laugh Every Time. "Bowfinger." Many people don't seem to find this film as funny as me, and that's fine, but it consistently makes me howl from start to finish. After all, it's not a movie doing anything traditional. It's working in an entirely new style. It's working in Cinema Nouveau.

Day 5: A Movie You Loathe. "Armageddon." Every single thing that is wrong with Hollywood can be found right here.

Day 6: A Movie That Makes You Cry Every Time. "Titanic." Oh, just shut your face.

Day 7: Least Favorite Movie By A Favorite Actor. "The Life Of David Gale", starring Kate Winslet as.....Bitsey Bloom. Oy vey.

Day 8: A Movie That Should Be Required High School Viewing. "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", even if it encourages skipping school.

Day 9: Best Scene Ever. The first war room scene in "Dr. Strangelove." George C. Scott boldly goes where no actors had gone before, and none have gone since.

"I'd hate to judge on a thing like that until all the facts are in."

Day 10: A Movie You Never Expected To Like But Loved. "Zombieland." In no way, shape or form whatsoever am I a zombie-movie guy but what can I say? I dug this.

Day 11: A Movie That Disappointed You. "Gangs Of New York." I've come around a bit more on this one and Daniel Day Lewis's performance was sufficiently over-the-top but not off-the-rails (see: "There Will Be Blood") yet it just doesn't get deep enough, doesn't take things to the next level.

Day 12: Best Soundtrack/Background Music In A Scene. "Staralfur" in The Life Aquatic. The greatest Ludicrously Poignant scene ever filmed.

Day 13: Favorite Animated Movie. "Fantastic Mr. Fox." In fact, it's the only animated movie I really like at all.

Day 14: Favorite Film In Black And White. "Manhattan." It's not my favorite-favorite movie in black and white but it's a modern movie that just would not have been right in color.

Day 15: Best Musical. "Meet Me In St. Louis." I've already said everything about it I could possibly say.

Day 16: Your Guilty Pleasure Movie. "It's such a nice sounding word for what it means: a fortunate accident."

Day 17: Favorite Series Of Related Movies. The (real) first "Star Wars" Trilogy. Yes, even after producer Gary Kurtz's comments about the supposed original intentions of "Return of the Jedi", comments which have given me a lot to mull over. This darker end sounds kinda cool....now. But how would 5 year old Nick have reacted to this end? 5 year old Nick saw it at the River Hills (may she rest in peace) and was so giddy he immediately returned home and pretended to fly the Millenium Falcon into the Death Star and was ecstatic the afternoon he finally figured out all on his own how to put his toy Endor Speeder Bike back together after it "exploded". I don't think 5 year old Nick would have liked that darker end at all. In theory these movies are supposed to be for kids. Right? Does anyone else have thoughts on this? It's driving me crazy!

Day 18: Favorite Title Sequence. "Bananas." It presents the assassination of a fictional country's President as broadcast live by Howard Cosell. "The weather this afternoon is perfect and, if you've just joined us, we've seen a series of riots that started with the bombing of the American Embassy, a ritual as old as the city itself." I mean....I mean....how can you top that? I like Woody Allen for much more than just the "early, funny ones" but, damn, the "early, funny ones" are pretty good.

Day 19: Best Movie Cast. "Heat." I'm sure this is obvious but, come on, DeNiro & Pacino before they fell apart and Sizemore before his life went off the rails and Kilmer with a ponytail and Jon Voight Method-ing it up and Bud Cort and Danny Trejo and Magua...er, I mean West Studi...and a winsome Ashley Judd and an uber-young Natalie Portman and, of course, Henry Rollins and Tone Loc. Those are the two that really sell it. Any movie that goes to the trouble to cast Henry Rollins and Tone Loc for, like, one scene each is just working on a whole other level.

Day 20: Favorite Kiss. Daniel Day Lewis. Madeleine Stowe. "Last Of The Mohicans." I know, I said I wouldn't use it, but the Center For Statistics in Duluth, Minnesota estimates there have been a total of 3,442,511 kisses since the inception of film and that 72 of these kisses are considered in the very top tier except 71 one of them are considered not reaching even an approximate 550 Emotional Kilometers of the Day Lewis/Stowe kiss in "Last of the Mohicans." So, as you can see, I had no choice.

Day 21: Favorite Romantic Couple. Jesse and Celine.

Day 22: Favorite Final Scene/Line. "I gave them their happiness."

Day 23: Best Explosion/Action Sequence. The Truck Sequence in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Cannot, will not be topped.

Day 24: Quote You Use Most Often. This might seem like a strange one but remember in "High Fidelity" right after John Cusack and Lisa Bonet have slept together and they're saying goodbye on the sidewalk and she says "I'm going this way" and he says "I'm going that way" and then she says "Ah, and so it is." I always say and/or write that. "Ah, and so it is." Seriously, if you comb through all my blog posts I bet you'll find that phrase repeated many times. There is just nothing else that cuts to the core of life's sumptuous sadness like that line.  And I'm sure it's been employed numerous times in numerous movies but whenever I employ it I'm picturing Lisa Bonet.

Day 25: A Movie You Plan On Watching. "Black Swan." I mean, Natalie Portman's already won the Oscar for it, hasn't she?

Day 26: Freakishly Weird Movie Ending. "Limbo." A John Sayles movie. If you haven't seen it, you don't deserve to have it ruined if you want to see it cold, but you can read it about it here if you so choose.

Day 27: Best Villain. Henry Fonda, "Once Upon A Time In The West."

Day 28: Most Over-Hyped Movie. "Lord of the Rings" Trilogy. I've been over this. Great Achievements do not Great Movies make.

Day 29: Movie You Have Watched More Than 10 Times. There are lots and lots but "Almost Famous" is right near the top of the list.

Day 30: Saddest Death Scene. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." I don't think it's technically a "death" scene because of what is said to foreshadow it but at the end when Zhang Ziyi leaps off the mountain into the mists to below to make her wish come true....heavens to besty. Oh, heavens to betsy.

Day 31: A Scene That Made You Stand Up And Cheer. The Bride busting outta her own grave in "Kill Bill Vol. 2." God damn, what a scene.


Castor said...

Awesome 31-day meme. Love to read those and learn more about the author of the blog! Heat was all that obvious but great pick, indeed a fantastic cast from top to bottom.

Wretched Genius said...

I think Blair Witch 2 was an ambitious failure, but I applaud them for trying to do something different. They hired a respected documentarian as director (Joe Berlinger, Bother's Keeper, Paradise Lost, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster), and they took the story out of the original film's world and had their characters be inspired by the film itself, rather than the events of that film. Yes, the end result was unwatchable garbage, but they at least had some good ideas going in, thus I say that sequel was worth a shot.

If you really want an unnecessary sequel, may I please direct your attention towards Blues Brothers 2000 or The Odd Couple 2.

Nick Prigge said...

Those are good points about "Blair Witch 2." My disdain of it is really just because I like the first one so much that I personally didn't want them to even attempt a second one. Alas.