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Friday, December 17, 2010

If You Have A Perfect Ending....

....why not destroy it?

"Shakespeare In Love" is one of my favorite movies of the '90's and a movie that I think possesses a perfect end.  Will dreaming up the story of the "Twelfth Night" as a shipwreck frees his heroine Viola and sends her off into a strange new world.  It is one of the finest of all cinematic representations of how the written word can take the ones we love the most and allow them to live forever.  It is powerful and romantic and just....just....perfect.

Lo and behold, The Weinstein Brothers announced they will partner back up with the house they built, Miramax, to film sequels to a few of their "best-known properties", including, yes, the Oscar-winning "Shakespeare In Love."

So you're telling me she hoofed it to the nearest port and caught a ride on a merchant ship back to London?
How many freaking times do I have to ask the same question: Isn't anything sacred??? Will and Viola can't cross paths again!  They can't!  The end is so perfect because we know they will never see each other again but that she will live on forever and ever through this play and if instead they end up living happily ever after......typical.  It's just so typical.

In other news, Sofia Coppola revealed her intention to film a sequel to "Lost In Translation" in which Bob and Charlotte re-unite at a Reykjavik hotel where we will finally learn in explicit detail what he whispered to her at the end of the first movie and Clint Eastwood announced plans to helm a follow up to "Million Dollar Baby" in which we learn Maggie Fitzgerald miraculously didn't die but was resuscitated after Frankie left the room and went on to win a Nobel Prize In Chemistry.

As always, I hate everything.


Wretched Genius said...

Considering that most of those sequels will likely be direct-to-DVD (or blu-ray, or download, or whatever format comes next), I doubt we'll be seeing Viola again. But given Joseph Fiennes' career state, I have no doubts that Will Shakespeare will be showing back up.

Nick Prigge said...

Direct-to-DVD? Hmmmmm. Strangely, this relieves me while also making me more depressed.