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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four Cinematic Statues That Should Have Been Erected Yesterday

As has been reported breathlessly, there is a serious endeavor underway in Detroit, Michigan to erect the Motor City's answer to Philadelphia's famed Rocky Balboa statue via a sculptured ode to Paul Verhoeven's 80's, uh, classic character "Robocop." This has, as it would, sparked numerous other lists wondering what other movie characters deserve their own statues. Naturally I had no choice but to get in on the fun.

Four Cinematic Statues That Should Have Been Erected Yesterday:

The Bride, "Kill Bill", in "The City Of El Paso, Texas". While El Paso possesses a plethora of history I think it goes without saying that, far and away, its most significant historical event to this day remains "The Massacre At Two Pines."

Chuck & Cindy, "Elizabethtown", at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. Oh, they may merely be supporting characters with not a whole lot of screen time but the about-to-get married lovebirds who turn the same hotel where "Elizabethtown's" protagonist is staying into one endless, glorious party are a personification of true love and living life to the fullest. "Lovin' Life - Lovin' You." If only all of America were as earnest as these two.

Rose DeWitt Bukater, "Titanic," at the Santa Monica Pier. If you to ask, "Why the Santa Monica Pier?" then, please, just get outta my face. And if you have to ask, "Why does Rose DeWitt Bukater deserve a statue?" then perhaps you should go join the campaign to get a statute of Keanu Reeves erected down at the Michigan Avenue Bridge since you're obviously an idiot.

The Dude, "The Big Lebowski", at The In-and-Out Burger on Camrose. I'm honestly not even sure why this hasn't happened yet.

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