' ' Cinema Romantico: WE GOT ONE!!!!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


A month ago Cinema Romantico wondered if the movie gods had listened to our impassioned plea to re-unite James Franco (he's an actor, not an Oscar host, so leave him alone) and Mila Kunis by bringing them together for Sam Raimi's "The Great And Powerful Oz" as, respectively, The Wizard and The Wicked Witch Of The West. Naturally, however, as discussed in the same post, Cinema Romantico's track record is that imploring the movie gods typically leads to the movie gods smiting us with extreme prejudice. But this time?

It was just announced that Ms. Kunis has officially signed on! And not only has Ms. Kunis officially signed on but David Lindsay-Abaire, the writer of "Rabbit Hole", Cinema Romantico's favorite screenplay of 2010, has done a re-write on the film! Glory, glory hallelujah, the truth is marching on!

No wonder San Diego State spit the bit against UConn. I'll take that trade off, thank you.

Taste & Whippit = The Wizard & The Wicked Witch.


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Amen to that. VCU/Butler has gotta be the greatest Final 4 game of all time.