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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Cinema Romantico Variety Week

In the last few months...

1.) My friend Nicolle (famously of The Natalie Portman Oscar Champagne Fiasco) stressed on several occasions that I had to see "Kick Ass", a movie I had missed because, well, frankly, I'm not much of a superhero/comic guy.

2.) A co-worker chastised me for never having seen "Running Scared", an 80's buddy cop flick starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines that, well, frankly, I'd never even heard of. (He's always chastising me for having grown up in the 80's and not having seen 80's "classics".)

3.) My friend Dave made a compelling argument for checking out Robert Rodriguez's "Machete." I also think we might have been drunk when he made this compelling argument but never mind.

4.) My friend Becky, artist extraordinaire, wrote a review for "Exit Through The Gift Shop" which is what finally made me sit up and realize I need to see this movie.

5.) I mentioned to my friend Brad how I didn't much care for "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" but that when I watched it I was insanely sick and, likely, unable to observe it with the proper focus to which Brad declared, "You should watch it again."

6.) Dark of the Matinee offered an extremely thoughtful post as a Canadian in reference to "Americanism" in movies which made me realize it was high time to move the Canadian (French speaking) film "Seducing Dr. Lewis" to the top spot in my constantly juggling Netflix queue and give it the watch it's long deserved.

So I watched 'em all. That's right, your Cinema Romantico lineup this week is: "Kick Ass", "Running Scared", "Machete", "Exit Through The Gift Shop", "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", and "Seducing Dr. Lewis." If that ain't variety then variety don't exist.


Wretched Genius said...

I'll withhold my opinion of the film itself until you post your thoughts on it, but I do agree that Running Scared is generally considered "an 80's classic," which is of course quite distinct from "a classic." And it is strange that you had not heard of it.

Nick Prigge said...

It's entirely possible I had heard of it at one time and just forgotten it. That happens sometimes with those 80's movies.