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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give It Up (Linkage)

I have only recently (idiotically) realized I don't give props often enough to the hella good bloggers surrounding me every which way that I reguarly read. So the plan here at Cinema Romantico is to do so much, much more often, starting right now.

The Kid In The Front Row ceaselessly produces brilliant, heartfelt posts on any number of subjects and has an uncanny ability for authoring something right when you needed it most without realizing it. And this one flashes me back to the 80's and sitting beside my mini boombox, desperate to record Debbie Gibson, Steve Winwood and U2 to one of my forty-two dozen TDK tapes.

Louis at Obscure Thoughts wrote a fantastic piece on NBC's fine show "Community" a couple weeks back about which there really is nothing to say except, Just Read It.

Andrew of Encore Entertainment, my fellow "Titanic" devotee, is in the midst of a marathon celebrating movies he loves in honor of his birthday, including a mesmerizing ode to, uh, "Titanic." If you still refuse to like "Titanic" after reading it, just go away (if I haven't already asked you to go away for not liking "Titanic", and I probably have). He also had a great entry centered around a specific shot in "The Wizard Of Oz" which I love because it speaks to how often unfamous and random shots can speak the most to us.

And Ripley manages to say in one sentence what I spent, like, 33 paragraphs fumbling around trying to say about "Bridesmaids."

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