' ' Cinema Romantico: I Refuse To Believe Real Steel Is Real

Monday, June 06, 2011

I Refuse To Believe Real Steel Is Real

Please, everyone, watch this preview right now and then tell me this movie is made up.

It is made up, right? That trailer can't be real. Can it?

No. It can't. I refuse to believe it. I don't believe it.

I said, I don't believe it! Stop pestering me! Leave me alone! Hollywood has not resorted to...to...to...this.

I'm not here.

This isn't happening.

I'm not here, okay? I'm not here.



Daryl said...


I never thought I'd live to see Hollywood scrape the barrel low enough to greenlight "Rockem Sockem Robots: The Movie: In 3D: The Movie." I'm so happy. Because now all bets are (apparently) off. I can finally pitch my "Jem: Truly Outrageous: In 3D: The Movie" script I stole from that homeless guy.

Wretched Genius said...

I'm not homeless. I'm houseless, and there's a difference. Give me back my script.

Derek Armstrong said...

I think at the very least it will be difficult to feel real stakes for the characters. I mean, what happens if one of the robots gets rocked and socked out of existence? How have our human characters suffered?

Plus, it's too high-budget looking to be fake. And if so, that would be a really good CG image of Hugh Jackman.

Simon said...

Robots boxing Wolverine. How can you not be getting an action boner right now?

Nick Prigge said...

But the main robot isn't officially a robot. It's a SPAR-bot. Designed to take punishment, not give it. And if I have to watch that sparbot climb library steps in space...

Daryl said...

Wow, remember how Rocky Balboa wanted to be a sparring partner, and how he was a washup-up bum, and how Hugh Jackman rebuilt him from parts he found at Talia Shire's pet store? This will be the greatest movie ever. I may have to camp out for this.