' ' Cinema Romantico: Kicking and Screaming (Part 1)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kicking and Screaming (Part 1)

Grover: "Czechoslovakia is just the worst place to go. The way I see it, eventually you'll make your life in the States. Why run away now? You're just postponing that get started year."
Jane: "I'm not postponing anything. I'm postponing months of emotional paralysis."
Grover: "Exactly. It's a bad idea to go directly. The paralysis is just gonna wait for you when you get..."

-Jane takes out a notepad and scribbles.

Grover: "What are you writing?"
Jane: "Some notes."
Grover: "Will you stop writing what I'm saying? Can we have one spontaneous conversation where my dialogue doesn't end up in your next story? What if I want this material?"
Jane: "We'll see who gets it first."
Grover: "Okay. Let me borrow your pen. I'm gonna write, 'Selfish girl abandons helpless boy for overrated country.'"
Jane: "Overrated? You've never even been to Prague."
Grover: "Oh, I've been to Prague." (Pause.) "Well, I haven't been to Prague been to Prague. But I know that thing. I know that 'stop shaving your armpits, read The Unbearable Lightness of Being, fall in love with a sculptor, now I realize how bad American coffee is' thing."
Jane: "Beer. They have good beer there."
Grover: "'How bad American beer is' thing." (Pause.) "'How bad American beer is' thing."
Jane: "Yeah. I heard you the first time."

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