' ' Cinema Romantico: Kicking and Screaming (Part 4)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kicking and Screaming (Part 4)

- Max drinks beer on "his" chair. Grover stands off to the side, drinking his own beer.

Max: "You know what I wish? I wish we were just going off to war. Or retiring. I wish I was just retiring after a lifetime of hard labor."

- Suddenly, there is a noise outside. Max instantly drops to the floor.

Max: "Get down!"
Grover: "Why?"
Max: "It's the cookie man. The guy who goes door-to-door selling cookies. I saw him earlier in the neighborhood."

- Grover, slowly, reluctantly, joins Max on the floor.

Max: "He is so hard to say no to. Just stay down. I can't handle him. He'll go away soon."
Grover: "How long do we have to stay down here?
Max: "Go away, cookie man."

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Jacob said...

"I like a bartender who drinks. Otherwise I feel like I'm being poisoned."

I just read these posts and I have to say I'm very pleased.