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Monday, August 29, 2011

A Mid Point Review

As the dog days of summer thankfully draw closer to the end, it's time to look back as a means to know it's finally time to look forward.

Favorite Movie Of 2011 (so far): "Cold Weather".

Favorite Performance Of 2011 (so far): John C. Reilly, "Terri."

Favorite Single Scene Of 2011 (so far): from "Midnight In Paris" (no spoilers in case you haven't seen it, but it features this guy).

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Moment Of 2011 (so far): in "Super 8" when the kids enlist the older stoner and his car to get them back into the cordoned off town. Don't ask me why, I just loved that little bit.


Sam Turner said...

COLD WEATHER has grown on me massively since I first saw it. I've recommended it to people twice now. Need to give it a re-watch.

Nick Prigge said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for spreading the gospel! So happy to hear it! I know it's not for everyone but I just hope they all give it a chance.

One of my best friends in Chicago just watched it and loved it so that's another.

Andy Buckle said...

I haven't seen the first three films you mention, but I loved that bit in Super 8! Those kids were awesome. Pity the monster was kinda lame.

Nick Prigge said...

The monster was definitely lame and that movie had all sorts of narrative problems and yet....there was so much about it I can't help but admit I enjoyed.

Castor said...


Andrew K. said...

Underneath the good but not excellent fabric Midnight in Paris is an excellent film in the twenties with all those men who keep popping Brodey, being one of them.