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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Girl: The 23rd

Have you ever gone to a friend's holiday office party and realized right away the place where they're hosting it is a little drafty and a little worse for wear and the "filet mignon" is actually just flank steak and the open bar consists entirely of Miller Lite and Bud Light and the dee jay is playing Uriah Heep and everyone there is really nice and means well and is trying their best, gosh darn it, but the whole thing is just a deadly dull affair and you wouldn't mind slipping out a side door and maybe going to a movie because, hey, you really, really like movies, much more than holiday parties, anyway, but you can't because you're unfamiliar with the neighborhood and your friend was your ride and so you just hunker down and hope for the best and maybe force a fake smile or two and wonder why oh why you agreed to go along when your friend asked you?

Ladies and gentleman, I give you my viewing experience of the 9th episode of "New Girl."


Anonymous said...

I knew Justin Long wasn't going to stay for .. long, but that was not the way to go. The 'thank you' "gag" has been done so many times .. New Girl seems to be too hit and miss.

Nick Prigge said...

Agreed. Long, like so many sitcom characters before him, got cheated out of a real resolution.

I wanted to write a more in depth takedown but I just didn't have the energy.