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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Girl: Golden Globe Nominations

Since Cinema Romantico is the web's "most celebrated 'New Girl' blogger" (as declared by Cinema Romantico itself) we would be remiss not to report that the show landed two Golden Globe nominations today - one for Zooey Deschanel for Best Actress In A Comedy and one for Best Comedy.

Thus, Cinema Romantico will be rooting for Amy Poehler to win Best Actress In A Comedy for "Parks and Recreation" and for "Parks and Recreation" to win Best Comedy.

Wait......what? "Parks and Recreation" wasn't nominated for Best Comedy? Oh. Huh. What about "Community?" That wasn't either? "30 Rock", maybe? No? What WAS nominated?

"Modern Family", "Enlightened", "Episodes", "Glee" and "New Girl"? THOSE are my choices? What the f--- is "Enlightened?"

Never mind. I won't be rooting for anything to win Best Comedy.

Go, Amy! (Note: Zooey's totally gonna win. Cuz, you know, the Hollywood Foreign Press will want to hear her acceptance speech more than the others.)

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