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Friday, January 06, 2012

Cinema Romantico's Five Most Anticipated Movies For 2012

A new movie season is upon us! Well, sort of. It's January, after all, the time when studios throw their table scraps to audiences and Oscar bait that only New York & L.A. got in December finally makes its way inland. But after that it's a new movie season!

Most looking-ahead lists will contain your usual suspects, your "Dark Knight Rises", your "Avengers", your "Prometheus", your "Django Unchained", your "Battleship" (I just threw up in my mouth a little), but we here at Cinema Romantico want to turn your potential attention to a few other upcoming 2012 films that have our mouths watering.

1. Butter (March 16). Unless you have ever left the Iowa State Fair after an REO Speedwagon/Styx show (yes, REO Speedwagon AND Styx) drunkenly shouting about how you and your friends need to go ogle the Butter Cow (yes, the Butter Cow) you might not get the appeal of Jennifer Garner as a small town Iowa gal who becomes a champion butter carver. Well actually, even if you have done all those things you still might not get the appeal of Jennifer Garner as a small town Iowa gal who becomes a champion butter carver. But it also stars Alicia Silverstone! And it's set in Iowa! Granted, it was filmed in Louisiana but then as any Iowan will tell you if there's one state in the union that looks exactly like Iowa it's The Bayou State.

Wait, what?

2. Titanic 3D (April 6). It seems like only yesterday I returned home from the University of Iowa for winter break and plunked down a whole $4.25 to see this at the theater......sweet Jesus, I'm old. I'm getting amped-up for a 15 year re-release of a movie I saw in the freaking theater! (Breaks down sobbing at whimsical memories of youth.)  But seriously, as I've ranted before, it's not the 3D, it's the mere fact I can see this melodramatic event I hold so near to my heart again on the big screen where it belongs. In fact, I'm making this my first IMAX movie.

So are they, like, about to start singing, or what?
3. Damsels in Distress (April 6, NY & LA). Whit Stillman, the talkiest of the talky directors, makes a musical.

Juliet Hulme's much anticipated return to the big screen?
4. Movie 43 (April 13). A collection of short-comedy segments I want to see not simply because Kate Winslet FINALLY gets to do comedy (yes, I realize she was in "The Holiday" but nothing from the pen of Nancy "Dinner Theater For The Multiplex" Meyers can be counted as comedy) but because according to IMBD her character name is identical to the name of her character in her debut masterpiece "Heavenly Creatures." Seriously, people, I will eat a discarded Whopper out of a garbage dump just to see Kate's short.

5. The Wettest County (April 20). Perhaps it's merely because FX's "Justified" is the one dramatic TV show I follow and last season dealt a bit with moonshining down Kentucky way and "The Wettest County" also is set to deal with moonshining in Depression-era Virginia. Or perhaps it's because Nick Cave wrote the screenplay and it stars Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy and Jessica Chastain and Guy Pearce and Mia Wasikowska and......Shia LaBeouf? Those five outweigh the one. Right? Or maybe he'll be like like Steven Seagal in "Executive Decision" and just get offed in the first five minutes?

What are YOU looking forward to?


Castor said...

Peculiar list Nick! I know you love Titanic but really? lol ;) And I'm pretty sure you are the only person out there with Butter as his most anticipated movie of the year.

Derek Armstrong said...

Whit Stillman still makes movies?

There's something Jennifer Garner does with her mouth these days that makes me not like her anymore. That's as eloquent as I can be in describing this phenomenon.

We'll be all over The Wettest County in my household. Nick Cave is my wife's favorite musical act.

Oh, I'm looking forward to all the usual things. But I just saw a trailer for a movie the other day that looks like loopy brilliance: Wrong, directed by Quentin Dupieux of Rubber fame.

Nick Prigge said...

Castor: Well, I wouldn't say Butter is REALLY my anticipated movie of the year - well, maybe it is a little. And Ryan's wife at The Matinee said she saw it and liked it, so I'm hoping. And yes, I really am that excited for Titanic. If you'd known me 15 years ago, you'd understand.

If I'm being serious, I'm most looking forward to the new Q.T. movie. Or Gravity.

Vancetastic: Hmmmmmmm. With her mouth? Is it like a pouty lip sort of thing? I think she does have that sometimes. She's certainly not my favorite actress in the world but she's got that kindly vibe that's true to a lot of Iowans so I think she'll be a good fit for that role.

I haven't heard of Wrong. I'm on the case.

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