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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Girl: Story of the 50

So our girl Jess, played by the mercurical Zooey Deschanel, has decided to put together a birthday party for her cool-guy (i.e. douchebag) roommate Schmidt and she's going through the whole what-have-you and winds up in another teacher's room at her school (she's a teacher, remember, even though we rarely see her teaching) and the teacher (Rachael Harris) enters and rather than question why Jess is snooping around in "the confiscation drawer" in her room immediately wonders if she can assist Jess in finding anything necessary, going so far as to suggest a "locker search" to acquire potential drugs.

The look on Jess's face made me wonder - is it always like this at her school? Had she just never noticed? Or does she notice all the time and ignore it? Or try to fight back against it in her own mercurial way? There seemed to be a bit of potential there - a high school where locker room searches so teachers can get the good stuff are the norm and, in turn, are cleaned up through the effervescent hijinks of its mercurial teacher. It could be a little off the wall, a little unpredictable, "Lean on Me" with a hipster. (And M. Ward could guest star as a janitor!)

Instead we quickly left the school and moved on to a party bus and a stripper who turned out to be (twist!) a male stripper and "bro juice" and Schmidt almost kissing Jess and........I'm melting.

I'm melting.

I'm melting.

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