' ' Cinema Romantico: The Underworld Awakening Experiment

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Underworld Awakening Experiment

I won't lie. I've written what amount to mash notes to Kate Beckinsale on this site before, so much so that I'm still a little surprised her agent hasn't filed a restraining order. That said, I've never gone quite as far as I plan to go this weekend, which is to say I will go against my usual moviegoing taste and venture to the theater for a showing of "Underworld Awakening" specifically to write a review from the viewpoint of a critic who openly admits to having an enormous crush on Kate Beckinsale and wants to see her in 3D.

Wish me luck. And check back on Monday for the most ridiculous review of this movie anywhere on the interwebs, guaranteed!!!


rtm said...

Hey you are entitled to make exception for your crush :D Kate is absolutely gorgeous, I saw her at comic-con last year, in 2 panels actually, this movie and also the Total Recall remake and she is even more beautiful in person. My hubby took so many pictures of her, ahah. Right now I'm still all over Gregory... too bad there won't ever be a NEW Gregory Peck movie to be excited about :(

Nick Prigge said...

Ah! You got to see Kate Beckinsale in person! So jealous. If I saw her in person I'm pretty sure I'd just ogle for a moment and then run away in terror.